My outfit for the tea party, which was put on by myself, Nicole, Cherise, Jessie, and Chelsey <3

Since every other con tea party I’ve been too has been all sweets and candy and ponies and pink, we decided to throw a Gothic tea party this year - murder mystery style! We each assumed a role, and had to stay in character from the minute doors opened til the case was solved. My character, a snobbish Duchess and cousin of the victim, turned out to be the murderer ;)

Overall the tea party went over very well - I think people really enjoyed the interactive aspect of it, and we actually had to turn 8 or 9 people away at the door, as we had sold out and filled the room to max capacity!

OP: Victorian Maiden
Faux Fur Stole: Icing
Mask brooch: White House l Black Market
Wristcuffs + Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Windsor
Headwear: Rococo Soul, offbrand
Bag: Infanta
Everything else offbrand

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